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For announcing organised Buffy and/or Angel fic challenges such as fic-a-thons, fuh-q-fests, lyric wheels, and others where the participants are required to sign up to participate. Fic challenges may be slash, gen, het, or any combination thereof. The only requirement is that they be intended for, or include (for multi-fandom ones) character(s) from Buffy and/or Angel.

Contests may also be announced, if the contest requires that fic be written specifically for and submitted to the contest. Award sites/events for previously written fic are not appropriate (where you just nominate fics for awards.

Announcements asking for interest are also welcome. If you'd like to hold a challenge, but want to find out first if people are interested, you may post here asking.

This is not for blanket challenges of the "I want folks to write stories about X and Y and include this sentence" sort.

Challenges must have some organised space other than this community. Websites, mailing lists, or another lj. Notices are to be posted here directing folks to where they can go to get info and sign up. Notices may also be posted here pointing folks to where they can find lists of the resulting fic (a webpage with the stories, or lj entry with entries linked from it).

Please do not post fic here! Please do not post individual stories or links to such.

At the moment, discussion about fic challenges is permitted. This rule may change! Discussion must be ON TOPIC, for example concerning how to run fic challenges, what sort of problems arise and how to address them, offering critique or comments about previously run challenges.