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Nov. 1st!! It's time for . . .

The Drunken!Giles-athon!

The details are as follows: Five hundred words minimum, any pairing or none at all (gen, het, slash, all are acceptable) as long as it is the winter holiday season, Giles is the main (though not necessarily POV) character, and he is drunk. ::nods::

The due date is December 23rd and signups end November 10th. I will have all assignments sent out by the 12th. To sign up, go here, fill out the thingie and paste it into a comment!
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WL Ficathon Announcement!

Well, we've only had four sign ups for the watcherlove Ficathon. While I'm willing to run it that way, I had really hoped to get a few more, so I'm extending the sign ups, but just until Sunday, September 16th.

So,if you want to sign up, or were thinking about it, but hadn't decided,now's the time!! Come on over and wallow in the Watcher!love! Don't worry, we don't bite anyone who hasn't asked nicely. ::nods:: You can find the sign ups here.

Assignments will go out Monday, September 17th.
Big Damn Hero

Buffy ficathon

I thought that Buffy deserved a little more love from the fandom, so I decided to organise a small ficathon:

The "Buffy Is the Hero, Damnit" ficathon

This ficathon is about Buffy, Buffy and more Buffy. It's not about who Buffy's sleeping with. It's about Buffy. The girl, the slayer, the woman, the hero. So while pairings of all kind are allowed, the focus is on the gen side of things.

- Sign-ups end: September 9th
- Assignments sent: before September 16th
- Final deadline: November 11th

more information in the sign-up post here
Life Serial OMG by hurts_my_soul

Celebrate Spike, for justice, and for... the safety of puppies... and Christmas, right?

The tenth anniversary of “School Hard” is Sept. 29, and I’m holding a Spike…ficathon/vidathon/everythingathon in celebration, decadeofspike. All pairings and ratings welcome.

Posting will be open from Tuesday, Sept. 25 to Tuesday, Oct. 2. Now go, create! And celebrate the vampire who’s inspired so much fascinating debate and wonderful porn fic.

Ethan Rayne ficathon

An Antique Roman:
an Ethan Rayne ficathon for 2007

Ethan Rayne first came to our attention when he turned Xander into a soldier and Buffy into a helpless woman in a fancy dress. In response, Giles beat him up.

Then Ethan revealed he went way back with Giles, who was not a very nice young man. In response, Giles got very drunk.

Then Ethan got the entire adult population of Sunnydale to eat a lot of cursed candy and revert to their teenaged selves. In response, Giles got Buffy to beat him up.

Then Ethan and Giles got very drunk, and Ethan turned Giles into a Fyarl demon. In response, Giles beat him up.

What's going to happen to him this time?

An Antique Roman, the short version: Sign-ups are open until June 30. Assignments go out July 3. Fic is due Sunday, August 26. Minimum length is 750 words. Want the long version? Check out the sign-ups post.
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Ficathon idea

Anyone want to participate in a ficathon? There would be no signups. People would post some prompts. People can pick prompts and post when they can.

This would be for stories where questionable subjects come up out of context and create trouble. They can be serious or funny, long or short. I was thinking of prompts that are song or book titles, like "Don't Stand So Close to Me" and "Lolita." Other prompts would be welcome as well.

I'd open this up to multiple fandoms if there's interest.

I have a poll for it here.