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2008 Giles H/C Ficathon Master List!

Hello, all! I'm here to announce that the Master List for the 2008 Giles H/C Ficathon is now available. Thirty stories, nine pairings, and quite a bit of awesome gen thrown in as well. Come check it out!

cya_ficathon. Sixth Round.

Choose Your Author ficathon (BtVS/AtS only)

What? A ficathon where you'll always be assigned something you want to write.

Who? Everybody is welcome. Authors of all characters, pairings and threesomes, all genres and ratings. Feel like writing a crossover? Come play!

How? Easy:

- Answer these questions to create your own profile. (Only until April 21st!)

- Once all profiles are posted, choose your favourite 3. Make your requests. :)

Why? To have fun, of course. The more, the merrier!

Where? Here! Follow the link and sign up.

Note: There are 23 authors signed up already, but I'd love to see 30 or more.


Deadline: July 15th. Beta'd stories can be posted earlier.


Or, come check past entries at the memories. Over 150 stories, 33 characters and LOTS of pairings.

Every Slayer Needs A Watcher master list

The master list for the Every Slayer Needs a Watcher ficathon is nearly complete, with 18 new Buffy/Giles stories to read. Check 'em out!

Giles Hurt/Comfort Ficathon!

Mmmm, hurt/comfort. Let's have a lot of stories about Giles getting banged up, or helping his banged-up friends and lovers!

Submit prompts until March 16th, claim prompts/sign-up until March 23rd, and fics are due April 27th. Details this way . . .

Signups open for a Buffy/Giles ficathon

Signups are open until January 20 for Every Slayer Needs A Watcher, a Buffy/Giles ficathon. Hop on over to allthejellies for the details!

New comm - Nine Billion Names

Sign-ups are now open for ninebillion, a multi-fandom fic exchange focusing on the role and importance of faith (or lack thereof) in our favourite characters' lives. All faiths/religions/beliefs are welcome, both real and fictive, and being brave and ambitious in your work is positively encouraged. For those who don't feel able to commit to the schedule of a fic exchange but would still like to participate, a list of claimable prompts has also been put together to help get those braincells working.

Banner and details behind cutCollapse )

For sign-ups see here,
for any questions see FAQ, or contact the moderators, kangeiko and darlas_mom.

x-posted all over the place--sorry if you get it more than once

The WatcherLove Masterlist is up!

So, if you'd like to keep track of the wonderful Watcherfic that will soon be posted, you can go here to check it out!

Signups Closing Soon!

Only two more days to sign up for the Drunken!Giles-athon! So if you love to see our Watcher wasted, our librarian loopy, or our just general drunken!Giles, come on over and have some fun! The rules are simple: a 500 word minimum story length, any pairing or none at all (gen, het, slash, all are acceptable) as long as it is the winter holiday season, Giles is the main (though not necessarily POV) character, and he is drunk!

Sign Up Here!


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