Lostgirl (lostgirlslair) wrote in baficathon,

Giles-athon Announcment

Hello all,

Due to several people needing extensions (of which I am one), and the fact that I didn't announce the ficathon until fairly late this year, I am pushing back the deadline for the Drunken!Giles-athon.  The new deadline is Sunday, January 11th.

Huge thank yous to everyone who's participating, and even bigger thank yous to everyone who is more on the ball than me and had their fic ready either early or would have had it ready on time.  I'm sorry about the change, but since much of the fic wouldn't have been posted on the original due date, anyway, this seems like the best solution.

If you have any comments or questions, or if there's a problem with the new due date, please contact me ASAP.  Again, thank you all!  I love Drunken!Giles and you guys are what make it so much fun!
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