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Does everybody know what time it is?

It's time for the Drunken!Giles-athon!  ::big cheesy grin::  I'm sorry I'm a little late doing it, but at least it's up!  And this year katekat1010 has graciously agreed to help me out!  Isn't she sweet, folks?

The details are as follows: Five hundred words minimum, any pairing or none at all (gen, het, slash--all are acceptable) as long as it's the winter holiday season, Giles is the main (though not necessarily POV) character, and he is drunk. ::nods::

The due date is December 30th and signups end November 29th. We will have all assignments sent out by the 1st of Dec. To sign up, just fill out the thingie below the (fake) cut and paste it into a comment!

All I want for . . . well, pretty much any time, is lots of Drunken!Giles! ;-D
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