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cya_ficathon. Sixth Round.

Choose Your Author ficathon (BtVS/AtS only)

What? A ficathon where you'll always be assigned something you want to write.

Who? Everybody is welcome. Authors of all characters, pairings and threesomes, all genres and ratings. Feel like writing a crossover? Come play!

How? Easy:

- Answer these questions to create your own profile. (Only until April 21st!)

- Once all profiles are posted, choose your favourite 3. Make your requests. :)

Why? To have fun, of course. The more, the merrier!

Where? Here! Follow the link and sign up.

Note: There are 23 authors signed up already, but I'd love to see 30 or more.


Deadline: July 15th. Beta'd stories can be posted earlier.


Or, come check past entries at the memories. Over 150 stories, 33 characters and LOTS of pairings.
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