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New comm - Nine Billion Names

Sign-ups are now open for ninebillion, a multi-fandom fic exchange focusing on the role and importance of faith (or lack thereof) in our favourite characters' lives. All faiths/religions/beliefs are welcome, both real and fictive, and being brave and ambitious in your work is positively encouraged. For those who don't feel able to commit to the schedule of a fic exchange but would still like to participate, a list of claimable prompts has also been put together to help get those braincells working.

Sign-ups open: 6th January
Sign-ups close: 1st February
Fics due: 15th March

The core fandoms are "Buffy," "Angel," "Babylon 5," "West Wing," "Firefly," "Doctor Who," "Heroes," "Battlestar Galactica," and 'wildcard' fandoms such as "Life on Mars," "Rome," "Red Dwarf," "LOST," "House M.D.," etc., are positively encouraged. The community will provide on-going support, including writing resources and beta readers. So, come on. Don't you want some fics on why Kendra's so devoutly a Slayer, how having gone to Heaven alters Buffy's view on God and the world in general, or what it's like for Illyria to be a god that's lost it all?

For sign-ups see here,
for any questions see FAQ, or contact the moderators, kangeiko and darlas_mom.

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